• Founder, Managing Trustee, Chairman & Managing Director
  • Mr.Arunkumar Umapada Banerjee (aka Bacchu)    DOB: 12-Aug-1958
  • Diploma -in- Electronics Engineering
    B.E. (Electronics Engineering) (Eqvnt)
    CHMECH(R), Retd. (Indian Navy). 28 June 1976 to 31Oct. 1991.
  • Proprietor :
  • Mass Enterprises (December 1991) Consultancy & Service Engineering Firm Specialist in Under Water Technology
  • Saturation Dive Technical Consultant & Service Engineer Deep Sea Saturation Diving Industry. Off shore Oil Exploration, Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs.
  • Approved by:
  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGCL) INDIA.
    International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) UK.
    Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) USA.

  • Arun Banerjee:
  • Arun is a retired Indian Navy (defence) Personnel. He has taken a voluntary retirement from the Indian Navy on 31st Oct 1991. He is a Diploma Engineer in the field of Advance Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Indian Navy's College of Electrical Engineering, Jamnagar, Gujarat (India).
  • Arun had under gone a specialized On Job Training (OJT) for 8(Eight) Months in the field of Under Water Electrical, Electronic and Electro- Hydraulics system needed for Deep Sea Saturation Diving Industry. Arun was trained by a team of Experts from "RockWater BV" a Norway based company, managed by British North Sea oilfield experts, working on contract with ONGCL (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited) at Bombay- High, Off-Shore oil field of India.
  • 28th August 1992
    After successful training Arun got approved from ONGCL and Association of Offshore Diving Contractors (AODC in United Kingdom). AODC is now named as International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). Armed with this approval he works as a "Deep Sea Saturation Diving System Technical consultant cum Service Engineer". Arun started his second carrier in Bombay High Off shore Oilfield after retirement from Indian Navy.
  • September 1992
    As a self-employed professional, Arun has opened "Mass Enterprises" a consultancy service engineering firm. Under this business he works as a consultant cum service engineer, for associated equipment used with inspection, Maintenance and Repair, in the field of Deep Sea Oil exploration Industry around the world.
  • September 1992 - April2001:
    Arun has worked and given his services to ONGCL (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.) India through various contracting companies based in Bombay(Mumbai).
  • April 2001:
    Arun has moved to the international circuit and giving services to various Companies based in the countries around the globe.
  • November 2006 to June 2009:
    Arun has given his service to a Company based in New Orleans, Louisiana State of USA. He worked as a Consultant cum Trainer and had five in Numbers American technicians with him as Trainee. On completion of his USA contractual obligation Arun have returned to India in June 2009.
  • July 2009-todate:
    Arun is giving his service to a company based in London, UK.
  • Arun a Globe Trotter: (April 2001 till date)
    Arun had been in UAE (Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi), Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, Qatar, Iran, Ivory Coast, Congo, Angola, Gabon, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Seychelles, Sudan, Madagascar, Australia, Germany, UK, USA, France, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Russia & Mexico.
  • The need of work abroad had given him the opportunity to mix with the international community, learn their culture and educational system which has given him the opportunity to compare the system back at Home in India.
  • In this age of fast growing electronically connected world, Arun finds the very need of and the vast gap in the teaching method, teaching culture and the curriculum in his country very demanding to get the present and the future generation properly educated in the globally connected small world in international education system.
  • Birth of UEF Trust (6th June 2006)
    To realise his dream come true Arun established the TRUST “Umabel Educational Foundation (UEF)” and Founded BoB-Primaan International School”(BPIS) and “Morning Star Nursery” (MSN). Arun is the Managing Trustee of UEF and Chairman & Managing Director of BPIS & MSN.