My Mission & Me
By Arun Banerjee Detailed Study Report- 12th,June 2003 Thursday

  • The impact of over population will only increase the divide between the rich and the poor, it is true that the easily available huge workforce of the over population of my country, will lower the high end production cost. The availability of cheap labour will make the rich richer. The flooded market of cheap work force will compete with each other, thus lowering the market price of each one of them, hence increases the rich men’s gain. Thus the divide widens. If the present generation is not imparted with quality education and trade based learning of technology, the society soon would be caught in a different type of situation. We should be prepared to handle those happenings.
  • A decade ago when the city of PUNE moved to embrace with open arms to the IT risings in its city life, lots of Villagers lands changed hands either to the big business houses or to the local development authority for a meagre amount of sum. They were assured for better future for themselves as well as for their children. The local villagers had not, a slightest of their imagination, what the future would hold for them for such development. Lot many cases it was observed that, the villagers got entangled with their own family (Hindu Undivided Family HUF) division of property, to share the sudden arrival of money in their life. In some cases they discussed, argued and even fought for their individual part of share of money, some cases even people knocked at the door of judiciary for mitigation. Alas! A peaceful coexistence got disturbed in the name of development.
  • The frenetic development caught the villagers by surprise, initially though they thought life would be greener as the day progresses but relatively nothing much changed.
  • So thus, people got money; bought some good stuff for the running of their daily life, bought a vehicle of their choice and strength of money they received from the deal of land.
  • Sudden inflow of money in their hand made them feel little high both in arrogance and local politics. Some of them changed their habit of drinking in the village shanty houses and moved to the city centre in the much show oozing bars. Later moved around with their vehicles in drunken state and met with fatal accidents, landed them in the hospital. Some lost valued life earners and some became a living vegetable.
  • Thus the story of sudden rich broken down like this: First part they spent their money on high value gadgets and living style and expenses of more than life size marriage ceremonies.
  • Second part spent on costly vehicle, City Bar and Local Politics
  • Third part, money gone to meet the expenses of the Hospitals & Doctors for treatments.
  • They are back to their basic life, poor in money, poorer by land holdings, poorest by disrupted anguished family relations.
  • They had no Quality education and good intelligence to handle such an on slot of destiny’s laugh. Some of them has become a local truck operator, some drives three wheeler for their livings, some got job as sweeper, watchmen, helping hands in the gardener job, Some managed a local telephone both, some Xerox shop operators, some opened a small shanty tea shop near the vicinity of that very land where huge multi designs multistoried complex stood up today, doing business to the world.
  • The business houses did and do need locals to feed their demand of vacancies, but alas! The locals were not prepared for this moment in their life. Neither the local administration did any good planning for such a need to prepare the village youths, nor did the village rich men do any good too, with a quality education, Primarily the Language of English, the base of BPO and IT Industries.
  • The business houses did and do need locals to feed their demand of vacancies, but alas! The locals were not prepared for this moment in their life. Neither the local administration did any good planning for such a need to prepare the village youths, nor did the village rich men do any good too, with a quality education, Primarily the Language of English, the base of BPO and IT Industries.
  • It is the Quality Education, the need of time, to prepare that huge mass population.
  • along with the precision apprenticeship technical training in various disciplines.
  • It was by sheer move of destiny, that I have managed to buy a piece of Agricultural Land in one of those Villages. While in search of that piece of land I have analysed this whole narration from the locals and have undertaken a mission in my life to bring the Quality Education from the city life to the reach of villagers in an affordable manner.
  • After studying their daily life and agriculture crop pattern in those villages, I have come to a conclusion that, there might be a few who could effort but not all would be able to give their ward a quality education, sending their ward too far away in the city centre.
  • Like all other fringed villages around India, it is the Quality basic health and Quality Basic education that is most needed in this part of Maharashtra State.
  • If somehow we could be able to give them those two basic needs in quality, someone can hope a certain amount of inrush towards the city will reduce.
  • The qualified villagers wards can then start a collective effort or individually to do something to improve their life or bring the changes needed in those villages.
  • The village students passing out from the State run local language schooling are lagging behind to catch up with their same age pal, coming from the city area due to the knowledge of English. They get frustrated, demoralized and feel let down by the system.
  • Slowly they pick up small job around the city or drop out of the race, which they could not coup up with, due to their lack of quality education.
  • There are 23 villages, in average of 200-300 family of farming community in each village. There is no good basic health and good school of any kind around the place where I am with them in that area.
  • Just 10(Ten) Km away from the city corner limits, and such a contrast that moved me.
  • Parched land lurking for water, there is only one arterial metal road that too poorly maintained, running as lifeline of the villages, full of ditch and puddles. No proper transportation for the local villager’s to travel to the nearest city outlets.
  • It is so painful to witness, the very sight of students traveling on foot or raising hands to stop any passing vehicles of any designs to get a lift to go to or returning from their local school at CHANDKHED to their respective village homes.
  • Hence we decided to open a school for those village children and impart a Quality Education through English Medium teaching from the very basic.
  • For this purpose I have spent nearly ONE year to Zero-ed in to buy a plot of land for this noble cause to start a school. Once the land was chosen and selected, I did a door to door study by self, in and around those 23 villages from the spot of my property near Village Chandkhed, talked with them, young and old, and tried to gauge their views and perception about the modern day education especially the medium of English language.
  • In the year 2006 June, I have registered a Public Charitable Trust in the name of Umabel Educational Foundation (UEF) for this purpose, in Pune, Maharashtra State, India. I am the Managing Trustee of the UEF and Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of the schools. My wife Mrs. Suparna Arun Banerjee is a Permanent Trustee of the Umabel Educational Foundation (UEF) and Director of Operations (DO) of the schools.

Under the aegis of Umabel Educational Foundation (UEF), we planned to operate English medium Elementary Educational Schools for the following:

  1. Morning Star Nursery (MSN): Play Group, Jr. KG & Sr. KG.
  2. BoB-Primaan International School (BPIS): Std. I to XII. (Proposed).

The TRUST : Umabel Educational Foundation (UEF)

  • Reg. No: E-4587/Pune Date of Registration: 06 June 2006.
  • Regd. Office: A-6, Sharmila Apartments, Survey No. 56/2, Nr. Jagdish Nagar Hsg. Soc.
  • Ganesh Khind Road, Aundh, PUNE - 411 007. INDIA
  • Phone: (+) 91-(0) 20-2569 1319

School Address:

  • Gat No: 97(7), House No: 765/1,
  • Vill. & Post: CHANDKHED Taluka: Maval Dist: PUNE - 410 506,
  • Phone: (+) 91 - (0) 9766789998 / (+) 91- (0) 2114-252391
  • E-Mail: