SLUM Projects

  • Since Aug.09,1995, That I am around ( practically half of the time away on offshore) the slum (Shrimati Kasturba Gandhi Vasahat ), I have closely studied their socio-economic lives , basic needs, beliefs and grievances. I managed to make gatherings every now and then of all the young up-right boys , elders and their local group leaders. To speak the truth, it took me quite a good amount of time to establish a communicating relationship and a common node with all of them. I persuaded the rowdies, the decent, the school drop-outs, the educated and the illiterates to listen to my thoughts.
  • There are 437 families, 32 in no. lanes-by-lanes- inter-lanes, 80 in no.Toilet blocks in two location (separate for male & female user) and 2 in no. Garbage container place in the slum.

  • 1. Spread the awareness of community health & Sanitation system.
    2. Educate the masses for proper hygiene.
    3. Practice the clean environment policy.
    4. Encourage community participation linked with group activity.
    5. Save nature and protect environment.
    6. Encourage the young for sports activity.
    7. Awaken and educate the masses through adult education.
    8. Determination for up-liftment of socio-economical down-trodden section.
    10. of the society, to a dignified community living, health and sanitation system.

  • 1. General cleanliness drive of the slum made every now and then.
    2. Frequent inspection made, all the drainage and open gutters cleaned.
    3. All the ditches filled up, to stop the mosquito breeding.
    4. General dump places frequent checks made users guided. Disposing of daily rubbish dirt garbage regulated, mass awareness made and followed for better hygiene and sanitation.
    5. PMC maintained toilets, water storage tank constructed, separate for male and female users.
    6. General lighting for the toilets area done from the PMC.
    Street lighting done from PMC with the help of MSEB.
    A small parapet constructed for school children use and elders resting place.
    7. Residents bathrooms (kutcha ) drainage - rerouted to avoid soiling.
    PMC's sweepers attendance for the slum area cleanliness - brought to satisfaction, almost regular checks made on the staff and a checking group organized.
    8. Educated the slum dwellers about rainwater logging, choking the main drainage system also stopping slum dwellers throwing garbage to the Kendrya Vidyalaya. 9. Ganesh Khind compound, from Kasturba side.
    10. Deputed a garbage collector (common man), who in turn collects all the garbage once a day thus stopping various drainage clogging in the various inter lanes and by-lanes.
    11. Stray garbage bins removed users guided to use the common garbage container. Managed collection of contribution (rupees ten/family/month) towards the running cost of management of slum cleanliness drive by self participation.
    12. Afternoon cleanliness of PMC toilets in the slum is maintained by the contribution of slum dwellers (a separate sweeper engaged).
    13. Baby canal toilet constructed in side the existing PMC toilet to stop children littering the surroundings.
    14. All the lanes, by-lanes and inter-lanes discretely marked with the help of iron-post for a proper identification.
    15. 5 in no. temporary bath room have been shifted to a new location with the help of 16. the users. Thus a major hurdle overcome.
    PMC school no.112 (Khanderao Junawane path shala ) in the slum area, periodical visits made, special sessions conducted to educate the young boys and girls about the clean 17. Environment, hygiene and sanitation system.
    18. Kasturba auto rickshaw stand place shifted to widen the approach road.
    19. A committee of youngsters from the slum, set up to look after the project.
    20. Meetings held and slum dwellers grievances, needs, suggestions discussed.
    21. Close co-operative contact maintained with the PMC Aundh ward office for speedy redressal of the complaints.
    Executive committee formed among the slum residents, committee members selected for male and female bodies. Proper guidance and teachings conducted, advise given to each member for running the project in the slum.

  • On 22 nd Aug.99. Shri Chandrashekhar Hari Joshi of 'Sakal Charity Trust' from the Sakal newspaper ltd. and head of the 'Clean Pune City Movement' visited the slum, to see the working and cleanliness of the slum dwellers.
  • On 23 rd Aug. 99, Shri Ratanakar Gaikwad, Commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) along with Dr.Anil Ravetkar head of PMC health dept. paid a visit in to the slum. PMC commissioner was also accompanied with the zonal commissioner Shri Arun Patil, PMC zonal officers of Aundh, Bibwewadi, Sahakar nagar, Tilak road, KasbaPeth, Karve Road, BhabaniPeth, Yerwada, the divisional sanitary inspectors of various divisions. They went around the slum, lanes, by lanes, Inter lanes, were explained various innovative ways, implemented for improved living condition and clean surroundings.
  • PMC commissioner was moved to see a community participation along with the PMC staff to keep the city clean.

  • On 26 th Aug.99, Shri C.H.Joshi of Sakal trust lead a group of active social activists from various parts of the city into the slum, had close contact and interaction with the slum dwellers and held a meeting and celebrated 'Raksha Bhandhan' with the slum committee members and the residents.
  • Honours

  • After the visits of all the dignitaries of PMC and civil social workers - the slum (Shrimati Kasturba Gandhi Vasahat) had been adjudged and accepted as a 'MODEL SLUM' in the Pune Municipal Corporation.
  • Objective

  • To educate and train the slum dwellers of Kasturba Gandhi Vasahat about segregation of wet and dry garbage for Vermiculture use and recycling, (a) to provide two plastic garbage bins, per family (one for wet and other for dry garbage) and (b) to provide medical assistance for the slum dwellers.
  • A joint project was launched, where, Dr. Nanasaheb Paruleker Sakal Charity Trust donated Rs 15,000 (Fifteen thousand), Inner Wheel Club of Pune donated Rs 10,000 (Ten thousand) and the Slum dwellers contributed Rs. 5,000 (Five thousand), Rs. 5 X2= 10/- per family. Slum contribution came under the objective of ' Slum development by self participation' to make the project and the effort much more effective.
  • On 21 st October, 1999, a function was organized in PMC School No. 112 in the Slum, attended by Mr. C.H. Joshi of Sakal Charity Trust along with social workers from various parts of the city, Mrs. Nandita Nabar , district chairman of Inner Wheel Club and the members of Inner Wheel Club of Pune. They distributed almost 1000 (one Thousands) plastic garbage bins, (two per family, one for wet and other for dry garbage collection at the users level) to the slum dwellers.
  • This was actively organized and supported by Mrs. Suparna Arun Banerjee as a Inner Wheel Club member of Pune, Mr. Madhav Tilgulkar voluntary social worker, Mr. Vishwas Tule an up coming painter along with the slum committee members.
  • On 19 th March 2000, Pune branch of Maharashtra Mahila Pragati Mandal (Thane), carried out a 'Cancer awareness lecture cum slide show for women' in the slum. This program was actively supported by the doctors from PMC health division (cancer).
  • On 16 th April, 2000, Pune branch of Maharashtra Mahila Pragati Mandal (Thane) conducted a free eye check up and distributed spectacles for Rs. 25 to the needy and destitute patients in the slum. The Mayor of Pune Mr. Dattatray Gaikwad was the chief guest for the eye camp. From Thane came Mrs. Pratibha Menon, founder president of Maharashtra Mahila Pragati Mandal (Thane) and Mr. Prakash Wadkar vice president Gunwant Kamgar Sangathana along with social workers, and their ambulance. This was actively supported and organized by Mrs. Puspa Iswar president, and Mrs. Suparna Arun Banerjee vice president Maharashtra Mahila Pragati Mandal Pune District.
  • Second Present Project

  • From November 1999 after handing over the slum Srimati Kasturba Gandhi Vasahat to the slum management committee to run by themselves, I have moved to a new slum INDIRA GANDHI VASAHAT and worked to develop the slum as the way Kasutrba is performing with a few modification as per the need of the slum.
  • The slum Indira Gandhi Vasahat has got total 567 families, 47 lanes, by lanes, interlanes, 68 sanitary toilets located in three different places, one mobile urinal, two common garbage container, approximately 4000 resident in and around the slum.
  • Success

  • It took nearly 11(Eleven) months to complete the task, with active participation from the residents as well from the PMC Aundh Ward office. On the 21 st of August 2000,
  • Needs

  • Till date, I was working along with my wife to move the slum project. As the size of the slum and number of inhabitants has increased, WE NEED SUPPORT AND FUNDS from social/ philanthropist/ charitable/ financial organization to fulfill my dream to serve the economically down trodden section of the society with 'slum development by self participation'.
  • Future Plan

  • To mould the city slums as per the 'MODEL SLUM' ideal.