Megh-Sagar Utsav

An Endeavour to bring generation of Senior and Junior Artists on a common platform.For the promotion of Indian Classical Art (Vocal, Instrumental & Dance) The much thought dream child of Arun Banerjee, Patron of 'Megh-Sagar Utsav' (MSU)

  • With due respect to all, let me express my view and why I wished to promote Megh-Sagar Utsav(MSU).
  • All the renowned big artists in our country talks highly and profusely about giving promotion to young artists, in the field of classical Art (Vocal, Instrumental & Dance.)
  • But they are not willing to spare the platform for the Younger ones. Please do not take offence on this statement, let me take you there, what I see in the field of Classical Art promotion in my country.
  • The top artists charge enough money, either for their appearances, performances or endorsement.
  • The organizers are caught in very peculiar positions.
  • The big name sales, so does their motive of promoting product or name of the event organizers gain market recognition. Thus they get the value for their money; they propose to spend for, by name of promoting classical Arts.
  • Where as Younger Name does not get them the dues to promote the business.
  • Big names draws music lovers to buy tickets for the program but it is hard to know that younger artists performances are not been sold as expected.
  • As they spend big money for the big name, so they don’t keep enough budgeted fund to pay
  • Handsomely to the younger artists.
  • As no body wants to give a break to younger artists in solo promotional self activities, thus younger artist, he or she takes long time to gain reputation and money to sustain his / her need.
  • Let’s consider this, I hope no art lovers or any one else, will ever dear to challenge the way I think.
  • When a child, he or she goes to basic educational schooling system, he or she studies hard to perform better in the life to come up. And at the end of 17 to 20 years all the parents / guardians looks forward for a better future of the child’s achievement. All they can think of earning money and settling in life or move further in specific field with recognition.
  • Take the case of young artists, he or she has put up same amount of time. Probably more then that in terms of devotion and perseverance, because he/she has to handle two field at a time, the general education and the music as passion. I will not be wrong to say that, he or she has put up more the effort, then the young child who goes only to the basic educational schooling system.
  • At the end of the day’s calculation, we find the young artists lag behind comparing to his/her counter parts contemporaries in terms of earnings, social recognition i.e. marriage & settling for the life with children and recognition, the word the world dies for.
  • That very feelings and pressure to find recognition makes him/ her go histrionic. Thus he/she becomes frustrated and depressed. Tell me, how you could sustain the dieing of Classical music of our country.
  • From the deep core of my heart, I do salute those parents/ guardians and the young performers in this field who are constantly striving, braving all the odds, for the culture of ours to carry on their shoulders.
  • You may challenge my view on this statement, but let me ask you this, tell me, was, is or will there be any war won, any time, in the history on the earth, only by the flag bearers?
  • We all know that, to win, you need followers too, and followers need battle field to show their skill.
  • I urge all the big names in my country to come forward and make my hand strong to a genuine cause to promote the younger generation in Classical Art (Vocal, Instrumental & Dance).
  • I request and invite them to come forward and be present with me in my dream to help the cause.
  • I need them as a guiding North Star, to a wondering vessel in a deep dark ocean.
  • Music also has become a domain of city listeners.
  • But, would you deny that, there might be some good budding artists, due to lake of inspiration and motivation, dieing out in the remote part of the country!!!
  • Like we need industry to move out from the city centre to have development spread across the interior, same way I think, it is time, the music lovers must help to take the event away from the city to the rural arena.
  • In this regard I have planned to have a Music festival in the village arena as an yearly event.
  • I have made this happen on the 4 th of November 2007 Sunday at Village: CHANDKHED
  • Taluka: Maval Dist: PUNE Pin: 410506.
    I named this festival as 'Megh-Sagar Utsav'
  • The letters taken from my children’s name MEGHNA (Daughter) &s SAGAR (Son) to name it.
  • The Birth Ceremony (inaugural) of my dream project was graced by Performing Artists.

  • Pt. Shailesh Bhagwat, Shehnai
    Mr.MilidTulankar , Jal Tarang
    Mr. Ramaprapanna Bhattacharya, Sitar
    Mrs. Saniya Kulkarni Patankar, Vocal
    Dr. Mr. Avijit Ghose, Sarode
    Mr. Mukul Kulkarni ,Vocal
    Mr. Mangesh Waghmare, (Announcer AIR Pune), Master of Ceremony
  • Bus services to and fro were provided for the music lovers of Pune city. From Chattushringhi Temple and Chinchwad Chaphekar Chowk. The program lasted from 18oo to 23oo hrs. The Program was attended by 530 people both young and old. The program was promoted by: Arun Banerjee Chairman & Managing Director Umabel Educational Foundation (UEF)’s BoB-PRIMAAN International School (BPIS) At Vill & Post: CHANDKHED
  • The entry to the program was totally free for all the music lovers to come forward and give encouragement to the younger artists to find their foothold in the Classical Music world.
  • There was not a single sponsor for that program. MSU Oct. 2010
  • The First Day Program

  • October 28th Thursday: Mahila Bachat gat competition: Time: 09:00 to 16:00Hrs. Village ladies will compete in Cookery, Rangoli, Lemon & Spoon and Musical Chair.
  • The Second Day Program

  • October 29th Friday: 10:00 to 1700Hrs. Competitive School Tournament. All the 10 ZP ( Zilla Parishad) Schools around the 15 Km periphery of BPIS been invited to participate in field and track events.
  • Third and the Final Day Program

  • October 30th Saturday: Prize distribution ceremony: 10:00 to 13:00 Hrs. for the sports events.
  • The Grand Musical Evening

  • Classical Music Program: 17:00 (5pm) to 21:30 (9:30pm)
  • Prominent guest artists for this year of Megh-Sagar Utsav are.

  • Pandit. Hindraj Divekar, Rudra veena Instrumental from Pune Accompanists : Padmakar Gujar Pakhwaj Gauri Divekar Tanpura Miss. Arati Thakur Vocal Classical from Pune Accompanists : Shri Suyog Kundalkar Harmonium Shri Sanjay Deshpande Tabala Mr. Mangesh Waghmare (Program announcer) from Pune AIR Pune.
  • Chief Guest of the Musical Evening: Dr. Ravindra Ghangurde Ph. D (Classical Music)

  • Management of UEF invites all the music lovers to get together for a musical evening (Vocal & Instrumental) along with the villagers to grace the occasion.