An eternal search for better education in society.

  • By
  • Arun Banerjee (AB),
    Founder, Chairman and Managing Director
  • An Endeavour by Umabel Educational Foundation (PUNE).
  • BoB-Primaan International School (BPIS).
  • A Day scholar school, just like Boarding school.
  • The Type and the system of the school
  • 22 June Thursday 2006
    FIRST General Body Meeting (GBM) of Parents & Guardians
    As I See the World of Education in our Society.
  • The concept of Boarding School was to give the child a measured cultural, moral and disciplined mannerism under a controlled environment.
  • This system was in the earlier days a domain of upper class moneyed parents The rise of boarding school demand spread due to weak education system prevailing on those days.
  • The quality academic and mannerism taught by the boarding schools became talk of the society.
  • As there was a good side of the boarding technique of upbringing, same way society ignored the darker side effect of the boarding culture.
  • India is a country of multi religion and multi cultural society. Boarder missed the touch of learning them in details by experiencing the feel of excitement being in the midst of day to day life of his or her family and the society.
  • They learned to live a life, as a controlled and measured way, nearly a mono cultural touch.
  • The child missed the direct touch of parental and grand parents tender affectionate emotional caring in his or her tender age.
  • The present day boarding school though have the same edge of teaching and training but the advent of turmoil in social life style brought some new boarder from the parents of modern social arrangement from Indian society.
  • They came from separated parents, single mother and high flying parents who does not have time to share their love and caring for the child.
  • The new pattern brought with them the social virus to the boarding life.
  • A child in the boarding would thus be much more susceptible to those fabrics of the modern social matrix of which, the Indian society is not broad minded till now.
  • In a nutshell, where the western nations stirred to move away we started to accept.
  • Give a thought about this. A nation of 1.2 billion, but rest of the world does the maximum discovery or Invention.
  • We live in the discovered and invented world of modern amenities and scientific world of mostly western nations.
  • You may challenge my statement “We have so many fields where our great predecessor lead the word”?!
  • I do agree with your argument but they forgot or couldn’ t foresee the future thus failed commercializes the discovery or Invention for the Nation’s benefit, that’s Indian.
  • In the Academic field we can claim of GURUKUL long before the advent of Boarding, but Westerner took the lead and commercialized boarding internationally.
  • To me it looks the same just like two side of a palm. Gurukul and Boarding are just one sided teaching without accepting the real need of the world keeping the eyes open to future.
  • In one word there is no life in our teaching system which would inspire us to lead the world. By saying so I have incited you once again to challenge me.
  • You may challenge my statement ”In Information Technology, we lead the rest“?!
  • I do agree with you here again, but that too, once the society agreed upon learning ENGLISH language as a tool to fight the world.
  • Kindly give a thought, though our great scientists (Past & Present) do have some basic claim on how the computer works but the commercialization done by a western gentleman Mr. Bill Gates.
  • Here I say, it is the time for all of us to stop a while, ponder on and do some soul searching and find out, where are we missing the magic touch of brain polishing technique in our education system.
  • It is a dream of every educationist just like scientists, whose continuous search for the better tools to give to his or her educational Institution.
  • One of those search has lead me to open a School of Academic with medium of English language. Thus the Birth of BoB-Primaan International School (fondly called BPIS).
  • In this school, our endeavor would be mix and match with the present and future keeping the past as constantan and find out the best possible solution suited for the society we leave in. Present day schooling had been following the age old practice of rote learning by repeated rubbing technique. I.e. more you grind so you shine technique.
  • Thus study in the school does not finish at the classroom but gets carried forward at home making the child monotonous and dull.
  • The Word HOMEWORK and PROJECT WORK even scare the parents too.
  • When a child comes home loaded with heavy backpack (not to say the medical implication), a days work is finished, but home works starts,
  • The moment he or she enters the home, it is only to face the query “what is your Home work or do you have any project work?”
  • We all know very well that most of the project work is supported works helped by the relations in the family.
  • Alas! The death of an innovation.
  • In a modern-day nuclear family, where double income is an accepted norm of competitive life style, parents are ever busy due to the demand of job, position or committed time frame of project completion. They live in a world of merry go round.
  • No one has a quality time to spend with the child who finds himself lost in the rat race.
  • Above all some cases parents even do not get attuned with latest schooling system, he or she has chosen for their child.
  • For admission they run from pillar to post, the best to best, laments if they do not get their first choice, but after that, they even repent the schooling they had to undertake for their child. They feel gagged but to pull on the years. It is not only the child but the parents too who gasp for the alternatives.
  • Dear Parents and guardians, it is in this place of alternatives, the BoB- Primaan International School (BPIS) comes in. Today we will present those ways of alternative Education system to all of you.
  • Theme: “A Day Scholar Boarding School”, just like a Boarding School where each child returns home every day for SCADREAP” Happy Scadreaping.
  • SCADREAP: S= Sharing C=Caring A=Adoration D=Direction R=Rearing E=Emotion A=Affection by P=Parents.
  • Arun Banerjee
    Founder, Chairman & Managing Director June 2006